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How to maintenance leather handbag

Cappuccino leather handbag is a style, which can be used to put some of the more jumbled things, such as books, cosmetic bags, leather wallets. Maintenance daily life according to the following methods:

1, season to the collection of ladies bags, before receiving first clean the leather, to be placed in the bag clean shredding group or cotton shirt, in order to maintain the shape of bag, then into the soft cotton bag bag, Add to cabinet, should avoid undue compression.

2, storage cabinets, Ms. package necessary to maintain good ventilation, if the cabinet shutters on the good, but the cupboard is best not to put too many items.

3, leather handbags own natural oils over too much time or frequency of use and gradually reduced, so that even very advanced leather also need regular maintenance. I suggest you store the leather before each should do the cleanup for it to dust. Leather products, general maintenance with the best leather care oil, practice is to wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth, then wipe the surface evenly to avoid smearing the oil directly on the leather, to avoid damage to the leather.

Cappuccino leather handbag is a style, it is generally more lightweight form factor to be smaller than a backpack, handbag so maintenance should be in how?

1. Cappuccino leather handbag routine maintenance: usually light wax polish, avoid dust when not to be stuffed cardboard or newspaper to prevent deformation.

2. Cappuccino leather handbag package to remove dirt: Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in protein stain, it can be annoying stain removal. Moldy calfskin bag, the best oil to buy brand-specific decontamination, and then evenly coated with the color of colored oil can.

3. Cappuccino leather handbag: Wipe with leather oil, you can restore the original soft. To maintain long-term handbag intact, the most important thing is not to maintain long-term neglect of maintenance handbag intact method is to use two, rest day, and go out back after maintenance after three days. The contents were pulled out, remove dust, then wipe gently as not to deform the bag filled with paper. If not carefully moistened, then placed outdoors to dry, when not place outdoors, then placed in a cage let it dry.

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